With proper care & support your website won’t become a sinking ship.

It’s very common in the creative industry that agencies and freelancers quickly lose interest in a project after it has been delivered and abandon it. Unfortunately for their clients, long term care & support are paramount for the success of any website or web application.

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Once your website or webshop is up and running the real work begins, namely keeping it updated and filled with fresh and engaging content or new products. As your audience grows and experiences are accumulated you will learn what additional content or functionalities would enhance the user experience of your online presence. Doing updates and changes by yourself can be quite time consuming and get in the way of running your business.

With our support plan all changes and additions are taken care of within a few business days or just mere hours.

↓ starting from 49 EUR

.additional features

Are you missing a feature or certain functionality on your website or ecommerce store?

Worry not, we can quickly find the appropriate solution for your problem and implement it on your homepage, while ensuring that nothing breaks in the process.

.build pages

You might want to add new content pages or blog posts as your business grows and your services expand

All you need to do is provide us the media and content for new pages and we will build them within the established design framework of your web presence.

.content edits

Need to add a new blog post, change some text on one of your pages, replace old media or add more details to a product description in your webshop?

Just let us know what you would like to have changed and it will be done.

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Our maintenance plans entail regular website cleanups, plugin and theme updates, alongside manual site checks to ensure everything is running smoothly and working properly after the updates have been done.

Our maintenance plans take the headache out of operating a website.

↓ starting from 49 EUR

.managed hosting

✔ Best in Class Security
✔ Expert Support
✔ High-Performance

Webhosting is an entire field of expertise in itself, that’s why we recommend using optimized managed hosting solutions for your hosting needs.


CSS & JavaScript Minification / Concatenation
Database Optimization
Image Compression

Getting the best performance out of your website is not only crucial for a good search engine ranking but heavily impacts the user experience of your visitors.

.updates & fixes

Website Cleanups
Plugin & Theme Updates
Visual Site Checks

Keeping all the pieces of your website updated is essential for a multitude of reasons, security and performance being the most important ones.

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.plans & pricing

Included Support Time p.M.1 Hour2 Hours4 Hours
Speed optimization
Email & Chat Support
WordPress Core Updates
Plug-in and Theme Updates
Uptime monitoring
Security scans
Support for Ecommerce Sites
Faster Response times
Support by Phone